• Richard Chan

Ecollar is not a quick fix

Ecollar is a language. It is not something used only to teach the dog one thing (e.g. recall) or to stop one behaviour (e.g.chasing squirrels). Ecollar is a language which is used to connect, to motivate, to remind, to interrupt, and to correct. If you have a reactive dog, don’t think of getting an ecollar just to stop the reactivity. Think of using proper dog training to re-establish a healthier relationship. Ecollar is part of proper dog training (along with food, leash, body cue, verbal commands, daily structure ...), it is not a short cut that can replace proper dog training. It is a language that is consistent and impersonal from one person to the next. It is a language which timing is much easier to manage than other training tools. It is a language that can be much gentler yet effective. It is a language that can reach beyond our voice range. It is not a magic pill. It is a language. A language which the dog needs to be taught; a language which you need to learn and practise before you can become proficient in. Please don’t look at ecollar as a last resort, don’t look at it as a short cut, don’t look at it as a magic pill. It is a personal and intimate language between you and your dog — a language you need to learn to speak, a language your dog will learn to understand and respond to before it will make sense. Once this language makes sense to your dog, once you are fluent in speaking it, you and your dog can develop a healthy relationship built upon mutual understanding and respect, and you can achieve much more than stopping reactivity or having a reliable recall. You will now have a very deep connection with your dog like never before. You can be one with your dog. That is why we use ecollar. Thank you. 


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