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Obedience Training

$4500 for 5 weeks 

This is a special program set up for dogs and families to enjoy reliable obedience not only in a classroom with a treat pouch but in the real world both on and off leash around real distractions.


We will teach your dog and you how to apply the following commands in the real world as a team,

1. Sit (e.g. sit politely when being petted by a child, sit calmly by your side when you are talking to a friend in the elevator).

2. Down (e.g. down next to you on the patios of a coffee shop, relax in a down at a camp site next to screaming children).

3. Place (e.g. stay on a dog bed quietly when guests are over, relax on a dog bed when you are having dinner).

4. Come (e.g. come off of playing with other dogs when called, come to you reliably on a hiking trail).

5. Let's Go (e.g. walk next to you on a loose leash passing other people on a busy street, ignore other dogs in a farmer's market).

When you and your dog can master these commands, you will be able to enjoy lots of adventures and make lots of wonderful memories with your dog in many years to come, which is what this program is designed to offer you and your family.


Unlimited life time support will be provided at no charge to all graduates of this program. You will have access to unlimited private one on one lessons as well as unlimited text/e-mail/FaceTime calls at no extra charge for as long as you have your dog.


This is the best investment you can make and the last training program you will ever need.

Look forward to working with you.


Thank you.


- Cost does not include the purchase of an ecollar ($350 CAD), and a prong collar ($30 CAD).


- This is not suitable for dogs who are aggressive, reactive, or dogs who are anxious (e.g. keeps whining, tries to break out from crates). For dogs suffering from these issues, please select our behaviour rehabilitation program.


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