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Don't feel bad about being the 1%

Most dogs are always ignoring their commands, pulling all over the place, sniffing obsessively, always finding everything in public more interesting than their humans, invading other people/dogs space uninvited, barking incessantly over nothing, and many are displaying all sorts of anxieties and cannot be left alone without constantly demanding attention.

You are working hard to have a dog who is better behaved than any of those dogs.

You are therefore the exception, not the norm. You are not the 99%, you are the top 1%.

It is normal that others won’t understand you and it is to be expected that they don’t know why you do what you.

They will question you, disagree with you, or even mock you.

Just keep doing what you are doing. It’s okay.

You are doing everything for your dog, not the acceptance of those people.

Don’t feel bad about being the top 1%.

Well trained and well behaved dogs

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Feb 10

100% correct! Thank you for the wonderful encouragement! So true!!!

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