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The secret of "heeling" without conflict.

How do we teach a dog to enjoy staying in "heel"?

We teach it the same way we show a person how to enjoy meditation.

There are three locations where l want a dog to know how to meditate in.

They are, the crate, the place cot, and the "magic carpet" next to the handler's left leg.

This "magic carpet" is the length and width of the dog, and it is an imaginary flying carpet that will keep flying right next to the handler's left leg as the handler moves.

To stay in "heel" is to stay in "place" on this magic carpet.

It is not just a physical position that we are teaching the dog, we want the dog to know how to meditate on this magic carpet as we move together.

Have you ever tried to go for a nice run and then come home really satisfied but do not remember the details of the run, or have you driven the same route to work everyday and cannot really recall the details of the drive?

We can get into a meditative mindset when we are in motion. Laying down and closing our eyes is not the only way. It's the same with our dogs.

When we can get the dog "in the zone" during the walk, the dog will experience how good it feels to simply tune out everything and just keep moving. There is a bubble and there are only two beings inside - the dog and the human - with the dog staying on the magic carpet moving in sync with the human in perfect harmony.

This is not the same as trying to let the dog sniff and pull and do whatever on the walk.

This is the opposite of that.

We want the walk to be a very intimate and calming experience like meditation inside this bubble. We want to use the walk to teach the dog how to disengage from all worries, how to tune out ongoing distractions, how to stop feeling the need to constantly be on high alert, and how to just simply let go.

We teach the dog moving is meditating so the dog can stay confident and relaxed no matter what is going on outside of the magic carpet.

And that is how we can help a lot of fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs to stop panicking and start enjoying life in the outside world.

Hope this makes sense.

Taking a fearful dog to a department store for confidence building.


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