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The importance of walking your dog impeccably.

The walk is a commitment.

It is not something we only pay attention to once in a while; it is something we focus on once we start walking and it is something we commit to every step of the way.

Once you are committed to being really in tune to where your dog is at, you dog will become very in tune to where you are as well.

This commitment to being very precise with every little step will lead to a very intimate relationship whereas your dog will prioritize you even around heavy distractions, and always strive to be mindful, respectful, and trusting around you — not only when you are walking your dog on leash, but during your everyday interaction in general.

Being committed and staying in tune with each other will then become a life style, a solid habit.

You will become a lot more relevant to your dog, and your dog will become accustomed to deeply engaging in you.

Please give this a try.

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

Walking a dog hands free


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